How to find value in customer reviews

Companies might dread the thought of bad customer reviews and the damage they can cause to their business. They should be – the power of ratings and reviews is undeniable and their importance has only been on the rise in recent years. But there is also great value in reviews. If you listen to your... Continue Reading →


Growing an Instagram following

If you are a passionate creative you're probably passionate about sharing the work you're proud of as well. Instagram, with its evergrowing membership base, is a perfect channel to use for this. I simply love using Instagram and have been searching for some inspiration on how to best make use of it. Of all the... Continue Reading →

Best free stock photos

There's no such thing as a free lunch. Well… there may be. Read on to find out. We all recognise the value of good photography and its impact on design. This is why quality is more important than quantity and, as designers, we are willing to pay for a good stock photo or, even better,... Continue Reading →

The gloss bias

A while ago I bought a little (shiny) book called "The Pocket Universal Principles of Design". It's quite interesting and I can recommend it to anyone who wants to learn something in snippets, on the go. Hey, it even turns out that the authors created a course on starting from this very book. In... Continue Reading →

Pricing in freelance graphic design

Are you a freelance graphic designer or illustrator and have wondered how to price your services right? Jessica Hische (again) breaks it down for you in this article. Albeit her focus is hand letterers and illustrators, this helps all visual creatives.

Guilt-free festival homes

For all the festival goers this summer, as well as anyone who'd like to camp for a few days without having to clean up after themselves, here's KarTent. The small Dutch company producing these tents says they are 100% recyclable, made of cardboard and has as main target audience the young festival-going crowd who would... Continue Reading →

On branding

I recently listened to an interview with Austin McGhie, author of the book Brand Is A Four Letter Word. In his conversation with Debbie Millman, he makes the case that marketing is in fact positioning, and takes issue with the word branding, which people use when they actually mean positioning. McGhie believes that brand is a noun... Continue Reading →

Google free course in digital marketing

At least in the Netherlands, Google seems to be on a mission: to educate students who are about to go into the world how to do digital. Called The Digital Workplace, it promises a CV boost for anyone fresh out of college or who is looking for a job. What's it all about? The course is... Continue Reading →

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