How to become a marketing expert with zero training budget

You are a marketer. You value your craft, and know that they only way to stay relevant in today’s market is to keep learning and stay on top of the latest developments in your field.

But how do you do that if you’re on a budget, or if your company doesn’t have a generous L&D budget for your continuing education? Does it mean you can’t get quality training?

If you find yourself facing this challenge, then this article is for you. It compiles the best training resources and certifications that I know of — all of them free.

Follow a course or get certified

There are companies who offer excellent certifications and training, for free. Google, Facebook, Twitter and HubSpot are some of them. The great news is that you can learn from the experts themselves. It’s a win-win. You want to know how to make the best of their platforms — and they want you to know that too.

Online learning platforms

Sign up for free trials and soak up the knowledge directly from industry experts.

LinkedIn Learning. Lynda. Skillshare. CreativeLive. Udemy. All of these platforms have a version of a free trial, which you can take advantage of.


Go to Coursera and there is a lot you will be able to learn from the world’s top academia, for free.


It’s hard to believe sometimes how much valuable content there is readily available on YouTube. Whether it’s Gary Vee or The Futur, press play and be amazed. For some inspiration, check out this article from Forbes.


Your daily commute can turn into a learning opportunity. There are so many valuable podcasts which can make you a better marketer. Pick the topic and there will be a podcast on it. My favourites: The Futur, Hashtagged, Online Marketing Made Easy, Soulful PR and The Science of Social Media.


You can read books and magazines on ISSUU, for free. Browse their offering at:

E-books, definitive guides and webinars

These resources are ubiquitous on the internet. The only thing you need to give up is your email address. Take BAMF’s Growth Marketing Bible for example.


Whether on Facebook, LinkedIn or Slack, some of them are free and you could get relevant answers to your questions from your peers.

Email courses

For example, Copyblogger’s online marketing course or Growth Everywhere’s Content Marketing course.

I hope all of this helps. Good luck with your learning!


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