The content rich and the content poor

The other day I was listening to a podcast where the host, Janet Murray, was interviewing the two guests, Andrew and Pete, on how to create content that stands out. They mentioned many things, but the one that stood out most to me was the fact that, depending on whether you were in a content rich or content poor industry, your strategy for creating content should be different. ⠀

Let me explain.

What to do when you’re content poor⠀

In content poor industries, you might struggle to find what to write about in the first place, and once you identify what those topics are you will be one of the few who is leading with content in the marketplace. The way to find subjects is to be inspirational, not talk about your product necessarily but instead about what enables your customers to achieve. Talk about hopes, dreams and success stories. The example they used was if you are a company selling paint, you can talk about all the colours you offer but, even better, talk about how people feel in that beautiful, freshly painted room. Sell the dream, not the paint. ⠀

What to do when you’re content rich

In content rich industries, the challenge is different. You have no lack of subjects to blog about. You will, however, compete with everyone else who is also talking about all these readily available subjects. In this market, the content is ubiquitous and consumers will find generous amounts of valuable information left and right. So, how do you stand out? You need to be innovative and take an unexpected approach to the way you create content. Make it surprising, make it entertaining, so it attracts the attention of an audience with an already limited attention span. ⠀

Where to go for more

Which industry are you part of? If you’d like the full story, check out episode 179 of the Soulful PR Podcast where Andrew and Pete share some of their content marketing secrets.⠀⠀


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