Learning from others

Learning takes place in numerous ways. You can read a book, an article, take a class or do some research on the Internet. Another way, however, is to speak to someone about it. It is to listen to someone else sharing her knowledge on this topic and get you inspired. There’s something about human contact and learning that, at least for me, cannot be replaced by books and solitary research. That’s why conferences and workshops still remain popular – that and for networking.

When you are getting started however, or you have a busy job to go to every day, it’s difficult to find the money and the time to go to conferences, thus missing out on knowledge and on meeting new people who, someday, might help you on your way to greatness. This is why, when I first heard of Creative Mornings, I got so excited. CM is a regular event which takes place in your local creative community and which showcases the best Graphic Design and other creatives as speakers. It’s like a mini conference, but without requiring any travel for you, no taking time off from work and – oh, did I mention – it’s free! Thank you Tina Roth Eisenberg for coming up with this brilliant idea in New York and then exporting it all over the world.

Creative Mornings now have a YouTube channel with hundreds of speakers from past events sharing their experiences. Like, for example, Michael Bierut or Debbie Millman. Also, they organise in each of their chapters regular new events. So go check out the next one in your area and let us know how you liked it!

If you want to know how I first learnt about Creative Mornings, check out this interview with Tina on the Design Matters podcast.


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