Colour studies

Colour was one of my favourite modules in the graphic design course. I love how you can change a mood simply by making different colour choices. So I want to share with you the studies I made for my class.

Using a template, we had to change the colour in each version to convey a certain mood. There were four studies in total, each with a theme: desaturated, high key, low key and monochromatic.

In this study, I used desaturated hues of red and red orange to convey the feeling of scorching hot, of desert.
This high key study uses desaturated hues of green, yellow green, yellow and yellow orange. No black has been added to any of the colours, being kept to a minimum. The aim is to convey the feelings of freshness, optimism and an uplifting feeling.
This is a low key study based on desaturated hues of blue, blue violet and blue green, to which I have also increased the amount of black in the CMYK mix. The feeling I aim to convey is a peaceful, tranquil night, even a bit mystical.
This is a monochromatic study using hues of the colour “passionate purple” to convey a feeling of mystery.

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