Reading minds

Does it happen to you sometimes to look at people around you and wonder what’s going on in their minds?

When I was a child, my father told me to try and learn from other people’s mistakes to avoid making my own. I haven’t always succeeded but his advice stuck with me. Maybe that’s why I am drawn to people and am genuinely curious what they think about a certain thing, or how they feel about life in general. I love to get inside people’s heads.

It will come as no surprise to you then that I love reading interviews with people. I find it fascinating to see what their life stories are, how they ended up where they are now or how they’ve learnt to overcome adversity or simply trust themselves when no one else did. Their stories serve as examples that yes, you can do what you want if you work hard enough and that yes, no matter how unlikely a career path seems to you, you mind just end up there anyway.

I want to share with you the best online sources of inspiration – or, better said – reading other people’s minds.

  1. Freunde von Freunden. What started as friends interviewing their other friends in the creative business turned into a full fledged interview website – and several published books. Their interviews are genuine, lovely and give us a glimpse into the homes, lives and minds of creatives from all over the world. Check it out at
  2. The Talks. Interviews with artists, actors, musicians… you name it. While Freunden von Freunden focuses on people like you and me, the Talks targets the ones who are in the limelight for something awesome they did along the way. Worth taking a look at
  3. The Great Discontent. One of my fabourite mags publishes loads of interviews online with creatives from all walks of life. I love their interviewing style and how they manage to make people open up about their professional lives and the choices they made to end up where they are. Read the interviews here:

What sources of inspiration do you have? Do you have one person who’s challenged you to become a better version of yourself? Share below!


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