Dear Bonnie, I love you

Bonnie Siegler, an accomplished graphic designer who, after partneting with Emily Oberman for many years, now runs her own studio, has decided to share her wisdom with the world in a weekly column on Design Observer, aptly called "Dear Bonnie". In her "truth-telling advice column", she answers questions from new and not so new designers... Continue Reading →


Learning from others

Learning takes place in numerous ways. You can read a book, an article, take a class or do some research on the Internet. Another way, however, is to speak to someone about it. It is to listen to someone else sharing her knowledge on this topic and get you inspired. There's something about human contact... Continue Reading →

Dear design student

In my search for graphic design resources and inspiration, I came across Dear Design Student - a website with articles written by professional designers for us, students. Check it out as it's full of words of wisdom, advice and practical tips on how to deal with this new life once we start it.  

How to price your design services

The big money. We all dream of having this, but how do you get there? My inspiration came from a podcast episode I listened to from The episode was ok to listen to during a train ride, but the most valuable resource I got from there is this article on how to charge for... Continue Reading →

The gloss bias

A while ago I bought a little (shiny) book called "The Pocket Universal Principles of Design". It's quite interesting and I can recommend it to anyone who wants to learn something in snippets, on the go. Hey, it even turns out that the authors created a course on starting from this very book. In... Continue Reading →

Colour studies

Colour was one of my favourite modules in the graphic design course. I love how you can change a mood simply by making different colour choices. So I want to share with you the studies I made for my class. Using a template, we had to change the colour in each version to convey a... Continue Reading →

Reading minds

Does it happen to you sometimes to look at people around you and wonder what's going on in their minds? When I was a child, my father told me to try and learn from other people's mistakes to avoid making my own. I haven't always succeeded but his advice stuck with me. Maybe that's why... Continue Reading →

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