Type style guide

Hello designers and design students out there! Here's a wonderful internet freebie in the form of a pdf style guide that you can download and use whenever you please. It's a great reference for anyone serious about type. It includes examples of how to use or not use apostrophes, capitals, footnotes, quotations, small caps... you... Continue Reading →


London replaces tube ads with cats

Imagine a commuting experience with no ads claiming your attention from all sides. Well, now your dream can come true - at least partly and provided you love cats. C.A.T.S. - the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service, managed to crowdfund an entire campaign to replace existing ads in the Clapham Common tube station in London with... Continue Reading →

Creative briefs

New to graphic design and freelancing? Need a portfolio but no one wants to hire you yet? Then you need to create your own work first. One of the best resources out there for this is Briefbox. The website has an impressive number of creative briefs covering all disciplines of graphic design, from packaging to print... Continue Reading →

Type love

For any graphic design student learning the difference between leading, kerning and tracking, or, in other words, how to make words and paragraphs look beautiful. Check out this article on CreativeMarket which explains the difference.

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