The man and the magazine: Alexey Brodovitch


One of my assignments in the graphic design course was to research a graphic designer and write a paper on him and his work. I’ve always found magazines fascinating, as a form of everyday art, which, contrary to a piece of art, fulfil a very practical purpose. They are both beautiful and practical – the best combination there can be. This is why picking talented art director Alexey Brodovitch as a subject of my paper was an easy choice. The man was a genius and I love his work. If you pick up a Harper’s Bazaar issue from any country today, you are likely to still find his influence in the magazine covers and spreads. Here’s a recent example from the July-August 2016 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Netherlands. The way the type is placed in the layout, the smart use of white space, he was the original creator of what was then a bold approach to magazine design.


If you like Brodovitch’s work as much as I do, below is a link to the paper I wrote, for you to download and read. To give you some context, see the assignment requirements below. Happy to hear your thoughts as well!


1.1) Who did you choose and why? Did you feel a connection to their work? Did you recognise it and want to learn more about it?

1.2) Where are they located? When were they born? What was the world like when they were working?

1.3) Did they go to school? Where? What did they study?

1.4) Can you define the designer’s philosophy in his/her work (i.e. did they follow or create a certain movement?) What type of work did they do?

1.5) How does the designer’s philosophy and their iconic works fit into the contemporary design scene? Show visual examples of contemporary works from designers who have (in your opinion) drawn inspiration from your chosen designer. Hint: There may be a connection through the use of colour, typography, layout, photography use or visual treatment, etc.

1.6) Use books or the internet to look up and grab a few samples of their work. (Make sure you’re grabbing work from reputable online sources). Provide 3-5 other samples of his/her work. 

Download pdf:

Alexey Brodovitch Paper – Nicoleta Anton


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