Big news – our omnipresent MasterCard is getting a makeover! The company asked famous design firm Pentagram to create a new identity system and logo, and the result is pretty awesome. A cleaner, simpler version of the iconic logo. In this article, CreativeReview gives an overview of the changes and looks into the history of the MasterCard logo which, they say, hadn’t changed much since 1968 (can I just say, wow). Another big change is the company will now go by Mastercard, as opposed to having a capital C in their name, as this highlighted them being a card issuer above anything else too much for their liking.

It was none other than Michael Bierut who led the redesign. Quoted by Fastcodesign, he says that “we took their DNA and went through this process of distillation. With each wave of simplification it felt sharper cleaner and more flexible.”

Get the full scoop on the CreativeReview website. For more Bierut quotes, go to Fastcodesign.

So… what do you think of this new identity? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.