Dani Shapiro on Design Matters

I’m currently taking a graphic design course, so I’m trying to immerse myself into this world – including getting into the minds of famous graphic designers to understand how they approach the profession. This is how I came across Debbie Millman‘s podcast, Design Matters, where she interviews designers and other creatives. While many of her conversations are with graphic designers, in this particular interview Debbie speaks with writer Dani Shapiro about her life, how she got into writing, and her books.

You can listen to the recording here.

What I found most fascinating about it is how a traumatic experience early on in her life has changed Dani’s trajectory – for the better. Dani mentions that, while in therapy, she would ask her psychiatrist that, given the circumstances she was brought up in, how did she turn out ok. A very interesting story of feeling lost, being hurt and, despite everything, persevering and finding redemption. It gives me hope to see that, even if you have entered a path of self destruction, you can still come out at the other end successful. Well worth listening to.


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