Pricing in freelance graphic design

Are you a freelance graphic designer or illustrator and have wondered how to price your services right? Jessica Hische (again) breaks it down for you in this article. Albeit her focus is hand letterers and illustrators, this helps all visual creatives.


Guilt-free festival homes

For all the festival goers this summer, as well as anyone who'd like to camp for a few days without having to clean up after themselves, here's KarTent. The small Dutch company producing these tents says they are 100% recyclable, made of cardboard and has as main target audience the young festival-going crowd who would... Continue Reading →

Should you work for free?

Funny and simple way of deciding whether to go for it or not. Thank you Jessica Hische for making it visual. Check it out and make your own decision at  

What it takes to survive a car crash

Interesting and a bit disgusting at the same time. Creative Review features an article about how humans should look like in order to withstand a car crash. I don't know about this... it seems like a big sacrifice in order to be an accident survivor... Check out this article for more information.  

Jessica Hische

Most of you will know Jessica Hische as a brilliant designer and letterer - and rightly so. I love the thoughts she puts on her blog, and how candid her responses to various designers' questions are. Unlike other design blogs out there - which, don't get me wrong, are very useful - Jessica describes her... Continue Reading →

The man and the magazine: Alexey Brodovitch

One of my assignments in the graphic design course was to research a graphic designer and write a paper on him and his work. I've always found magazines fascinating, as a form of everyday art, which, contrary to a piece of art, fulfil a very practical purpose. They are both beautiful and practical - the... Continue Reading →

Mastering the Ai pen tool

As with anything, practice makes perfect. If you are looking to perfect your Adobe Illustrator skills, the Bezier game might be something of interest to you. This game is designed to help you perfect your pen tool skills and consists of a series of exercises you can easily do on the screen. Get started at Continue Reading →

Quotes on shit

Graphic designers Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman thought they need a new project on their hands. This is how they decided to take some of the old shit people have lying around (or, better still, are getting rid of), and give it a new life. Head over to Tumblr to check out what objects they found and... Continue Reading →

How to network successfully

We all know we should do it, but can at times struggle with it. In this talk, INSEAD professor Herminia Ibarra shares some incredibly useful insights on how to build effective networks. Loved it!

On branding

I recently listened to an interview with Austin McGhie, author of the book Brand Is A Four Letter Word. In his conversation with Debbie Millman, he makes the case that marketing is in fact positioning, and takes issue with the word branding, which people use when they actually mean positioning. McGhie believes that brand is a noun... Continue Reading →

Google free course in digital marketing

At least in the Netherlands, Google seems to be on a mission: to educate students who are about to go into the world how to do digital. Called The Digital Workplace, it promises a CV boost for anyone fresh out of college or who is looking for a job. What's it all about? The course is... Continue Reading →

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